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2019 Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System data tables posted.

This is to announce that the 2019 Illinois Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) detailed data tables were just posted to the IDPH website. This is the fourth year of data collection using the Phase 8 version of the PRAMS survey.

The 2019 results are available by clicking the green “Select a year” button in the middle of the page available at http://dph.illinois.gov/data-statistics/prams.  On the 2019 results landing page, a comprehensive set of charts is provided in the “2019 Illinois PRAMS Detailed Data Tables” link. There also are chart-specific hyperlinks allowing you to see the available charts and to view them individually.

Opioid supplement data collected from April 2019 through December 2019 are included in the results beginning on Table 81. These results replace the opioid results released earlier this year for the period April 2019 through August 2019.

As always, I am interested in your feedback on the data tables. I also am interested in knowing if you use the PRAMS data for education purposes, or for program or policy development that could be highlighted in a Data to Action report to the CDC. Please feel free to e-mail or call with your comments and feedback.

Thank you for your support of the PRAMS program!


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New reports on maternal opioid and marijuana use from IDPH’s PRAMS survey

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) PRAMS project is an ongoing survey of women who recently delivered live born infants in Illinois. PRAMS collects state-level, population-based data on maternal attitudes and experiences before, during, and shortly after pregnancy.

From April to December 2019, a 13-question opioid supplement was added to the PRAMS survey. These results are for those responding during April through August 2019 (n=527) and weighted using the corresponding five-month sampling frame.

In addition, from December 2017 through March 2019, a 12-question marijuana and drug use supplement was added to the PRAMS survey. These results are for the calendar year 2018 births. During 2018, a total of 2,175 recent mothers were sampled and 1,306 completed the PRAMS survey (weighted response rate 61%).

Detailed data tables and charts are available at:

2019 Maternal Opioid Use Fact Sheet_12-24-2020

Maternal Marijuana Use Fact Sheet 2018_1-19-2021

Perinatal Electronic Vapor Product Use – PRAMS 2016-2018

A study conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health, identifies trends in perinatal Electronic Vapor Product usage. Electronic vapor products (EVPs) comprise a diverse group of devices, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). EVP users inhale an aerosol that typically contains nicotine, flavorings, and other additives. Nicotine is a developmental toxicant that adversely affects pregnancy and infant outcomes. Therefore, EVPs are not safe for mother or baby during pregnancy.

2016-2018 PRAMS_E Vapor Product Use

For more information about various studies conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) visit the following link: